Pain & Stress Care Program

Change Your Pain Kamloops’ highly skilled practitioners will guide you, step by step, through your individualized program to effectively and efficiently address your pain and reduce unnecessary stress. Why does this program work?

COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENTS - We know what you need and the best starting point for you to achieve positive outcomes.

RE-ASSESSMENTS - We re-assess your progress regularly throughout your program and make necessary modifications so you consistently experience success and positive progress.

EVIDENCE-BASED APPROACH - We use proven techniques and modalities that focus on improving your physical issues and tissue health, as well as balancing your nervous system.

EDUCATION - We teach you tools and strategies to create permanent positive changes and maintain your progress well beyond your program discharge date.

Techniques used may be a combination of manual modalities (Registered Massage Therapy),coaching, movement therapy, and education.

Please refer to our booking website for current prices: Change Your Pain Kamloops Booking Website

If you are struggling with Chronic Pain and Exhaustion, this may be the program for you. Contact us if you have questions, or book your assessment today!

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