Our Team


Melissa West: Clinic Director, BPE, RMT, MCMT

Melissa West has been practicing Massage Therapy since 1996 and has been a resident of Kamloops since 1997. She graduated from UBC with a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics and went on to obtain a diploma from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1996. Melissa utilizes her background in Human Kinetics to compliment her Massage Therapy treatments by providing her patients with an interdisciplinary approach to their rehabilitation and care.

Melissa is dedicated to helping people rehabilitate, prevent and manage injuries, and/or chronic conditions, by providing superior quality health care and promoting permanent positive lifestyle changes. With her years of experience came the realization that she cannot address all the needs of her patients single-handedly. Therefore, Melissa uses an interdisciplinary, team approach, and refers patients to resources outside the clinic if necessary. Melissa is always looking for additional practitioners to join the team in order to enhance patient care.

Over the last 10 years, Melissa has been able to give back to the Kamloops community by volunteering with various sports teams (hockey, football, rugby, soccer) and providing first aid, Massage Therapy, and athletic training services as required. She has gained invaluable technical experience, as well as connections with the community at large, by continuing these volunteer activities.

Recently, Melissa has teamed up with Operation Nicaragua to train impoverished women relaxation massage techniques which will allow them to be gainfully employed at various tourist resorts in their country. The income these women may now generate will help to guarantee food and shelter for themselves and their families.

Melissa's lifelong goal has been to be fit, feel healthy, and live pain-free and she hopes she can encourage and help others to do the same.


Carly Davenport, BAET/CAT(C)/NSCA-CSCS

Carly is a board certified athletic therapist, and a certified strength and conditioning coach. When she’s not in the gym or on the golf course, you can find her working with clients of all walks of life who are motivated to make changes, whether that is to improve their level of fitness, decrease pain, heal from injury and MUCH more.

Athletic therapy is a holistic and active approach to pain and injury. What does that mean for you? It means having someone in your corner to help you better understand your condition, and guide you down the right path to recovery. Carly believes that education and support through movement is the best approach to creating long term changes for her clients.

If you are someone who is dealing with pain, injury, looking to optimize their health, and wants to reclaim their movement freedom, book a 15 minute consultation at no cost, to see how Carly can help!


  • E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor
  • Desensitization Therapist
  • Pain/Stress Care Coach

Deandra has been teaching yoga for over five years and completed a direct 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified mentorship with Katrina Ariel in Kamloops, BC. In the past five years, she has taken various workshops with highly skilled instructors including Michael Stone, Anodea Judith, Ryan Leier, Bram Levinson, Neil Pearson and Noah Maze. Her helping practise is grounded in the belief that by creating space, in our lives, to heal and grow, we facilitate greater community healing and change. As a yoga instructor she incorporates learnings from her Masters in Education Counselling, as well as her training in Somatic Experiencing.

In her counselling sessions, Yoga classes and workshops she strives to create a space where individuals can be present with themselves physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Her classes and meditations encourage nervous system regulation and self-compassion. Combining her training in counselling and yogic studies, she specializes in yoga and meditation for everyone including those who experience the impacts of trauma, chronic pain and mental illness.