"It was a pleasure to work with your team and to have someone that actually listened and believed in me.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did to teach me to breathe and control things." James

Melissa was referred to me by the "Welcome Back" clinic in Kamloops. I had two herniated discs in my lower back & after just one session I felt immediate relief from the pain. I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa and the Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic to anyone!Phil.

Very helpful. I immediately felt as if all my issues were addressed and that they were definitely going to be able to help me. I already felt stronger and more positive about everything.Phelan.

I was unable to climb on to the table at the beginning of my treatment. I had severe pain in both shoulders and neck and through the clavicle area. Melissa was able to release all of the trigger points and gave me relief through every appointment. I felt secure in Melissa's care as her superior knowledge of all the muscles, their functions, and how to release pain spasms put me at ease. I looked forward to each treatment as the relief from pain and the progress I was making towards recovery was evident . I continue to improve and my mobility is 100\\\\% improved. My energy levels are above normal and my general health has never been better.Janet.

I originally started seeing Melissa a few years ago for chronic back and neck problems: she is remarkable, educated, and amazing. When I'm back in Kelowna I'd like to pack her with me!Kalline.

Ongoing massage treatments have addressed several issues I had, mostly, but not all originating with auto accidents and running overuse injuries. All of my issues have been addressed with either massage therapy treatments or by referral to other medical sources. Constant awareness and assessment of my condition by Ms. West have resulted in either resolution of the problem or the correct ongoing treatment. Of the medical practitioners I have consulted, Ms. West has been the guiding force behind me receiving several beneficial procedures and treatments because of her excellent diagnostic skills.Jackie.

I have had an ongoing issue with muscle pain from athletic activity. The assessment process was the first time the root of the cause had been addressed. Treatments dealt directly with the discomfort and other facets such as stretching and advice helped to minimize further occurrences. It was nice to have the biomechnics of the injury explained to me.Pat.

My experience at the Change Your Pain Kamloops Clinic has been nothing short of great. I've been seeing Melissa for quite a while and she has helped me greatly over the years. I've had chronic neck and shoulder issues and her powerful fingers and knowledge keep me going. Honestly, I don't know how I would endure all the pain without her. Her dedication to helping me is very much appreciated.Alice.